For week four of the Student Blogging Challenge, I have decided to complete task two, which is free choice. In doing so, I’m going to write a post on my dog, Nikki. Who is very…unique. But I love her for that!

I received Nikki almost six years ago. Funny story, ‘Santa Clause’ brought her to me in a bag as an early Christmas present. She was probably a four months old when I got her. Sadly, the rescue my parents adopted her from didn’t take good care of her. Turns out, she had lots of worms in her, and it took our vet almost three different shots just to get rid of all of them.☹️

During her puppy years, she had some flaws. Nikki was potty-trained, but she gets nervous sometimes. And, when she would, she would…release her nervousness on the floor. That wouldn’t make us very happy. Then, we would have to clean it up, and even this would happen when we had guests over. So, whenever we would have company, we would warn them about that!

Nikki loves attention. Though, sometimes she wants some time to herself. When she would do these things, I would call her a little diva. But, whenever I get up in the morning, she wants me to pet her. Nikki will be barking in the morning, and, sometimes she would lay down outside my bedroom door just waiting for me to get up. Most of the time, I give Nikki my attention. I’ll be sitting on the couch and she will sit the closest she can to me so that I can see her.

Nikki has some tricks too. Not just the normal, sit, stay, lay down, shake, though she does know all of those. The trick I’m going to show you is her going down the slide on our playset outside. She figured this out a while ago and everyone is so amazed when they see her doing this.

  As of right now, Nikki is five years old. She will be six on August 25th this year. Whenever it’s her birthday, sometimes my dad will buy her a little birthday treat at our local Petland. That makes her very happy! Be sure to comment on here when it’s August 25th wishing Nikki a happy birthday!

Nikki is very unique, as I mentioned before. But, that doesn’t stop me from loving her. She has become a pretty good dog over the years. I plan on taking her to college with me when I graduate high school. Besides being a diva, she is also pretty loving. And, because of that, I think is one of the best dogs in the world!


10 thoughts on “😋🐶My Interestingly Comedic Dog!!🐶😋”

    1. Hi, Jack!

      I think it’s cool that you live in California. I went there on vacation one time and I liked it a lot! What are your dogs’ names? I just think that Chihuahua’s are awesome! And, yes, Nikki does know some tricks. It’s mostly the basic, sit, lay down, and sometimes occasionally, she will shake your hand.


  1. Hello Alivia!

    Congratulations on getting your blog featured on this weeks Student Blogging Challenge! That is very exciting! I love how much time and effort you put on your blog, and I know how much people look forward to seeing your books that you publish on your blog.

    I loved your post for this weeks challenge. Your dog, Niki, is so funny and cute! How long did it take for her to go down the slide? Niki going down the slide kind of reminds me of a cat I had as a little kid. Her name was Skittles, and she would walk the bar at the top of our swing set, do somersaults down our driveway, and you had to be careful where you walk because she might pounce out of no where!

    I really miss you and I look forward to future posts!

    1. Hey, Maggie!

      Thanks for congratulating me on getting featured this week! I have to admit, I was pretty ecstatic about it. Also, thank you for commenting on how much you love the effort I put into my blog. And, thanks thirdly for saying you liked my post for this week’s challenge. Nikki is incredibly funny and cute, it’s both of her distinct qualities. I don’t think it took her very long to learn how to go down the slide. I believe she first did it when she was maybe one year old. I think it’s funny that Skittles would pounce out of nowhere! That made me laugh.

      I miss you too!


  2. Hello, I’m Bradford and I live in CA. I see you very much enjoy your comedic dog and I do like dogs, but I own cats instead. I know a dog that I like a lot that my parents friends own, and she use to have cancer, but now she does not anymore, her name is Pepa. What is the funniest thing your dog has done?

    1. Hi, Bradford!

      The funniest thing my dog has ever done is when she first went down the slide. My family laughed so hard about it!!😂


  3. G’day Alivia,
    Another great post. I love the way you have included both a video and a poster about Nikki. I think I can safely say you are enjoying the blogging challenge as you are usually one of the first each week to submit your post URL. Hence getting me as your commenter.

    I have never had a pet, mainly my mother, now aged 86, doesn’t like cats or dogs. Even though I now live in my own house, I find there are enough cats and dogs in the neighbourhood to pat that I don’t need one of my own.

  4. Hi Alivia!

    My name is Ciara and I’m a fellow blogger. I live in British Columbia, Canada which is a place filled with dogs. I myself don’t have a dog but I’ve wanted one all my life! Nikki is such a beautiful dog and she seems like the perfect pet. I’m glad to see that you love her even though she may have some flaws! You can check out my blog in the link below!

    – Ciara ( )

    1. Hi, Ciara!
      Your blog looked GREAT! I liked the tagline you put at the top.
      Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! If you COULD have a dog, what type of breed would you want it to be?

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